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Glucoholic Sugar Free Reviews
Visit website: Glucoholic Sugar Free Reviews

The Glucoholic website reviews low carb and sugar free drinks, snacks, and beverages. The website began writing reviews in July of 2007. In September, the site instituted a search engine optimization program created by Ocular Box Studios. The site wanted to optimize its content for the terms "Sugar Free Snacks" and "Sugar Free Reviews". Within a short period of time, the site was ranking within the first 10 results consistently for the search "Sugar Free Reviews" on Google, and within the top 25 for "Sugar Free Snacks".

We recommend this site highly as a dietary resource for diabetics and persons concerned with their carbohydrate intake.

2009-07-14 23:06:04
When I signed on with Ocular Box, I had two goals in mind: 1. To update and improve my website so that it was more user friendly, informative, appealing, and attractive 2. To position my website so that it would be more prominent on search engines, resulting in more "hits" and inquiries about my services.

Jason Hargett and Ocular Box have exceeded my expectations in both areas. The newly designed site has a fresh look that reflects both our professionalism and warmth.

With his comprehensive knowledge of web design, Jason has ensured that North Carolina families looking for an adoption homestudy are immediately introduced to my website. Since Ocular Box completed our site, inquiries have tripled, and we anticipate that this will result in a significant increase in our client base.

Working with Ocular Box Studios was hassle free and pleasant. They responded quickly to comments and requests, and were extremely sensitive to the image we wanted to portray. They worked hard to learn about our business, and continue to monitor our website position on major search engines.

I highly recommend Ocular Box Studios to anyone wishing to create or improve their website, and I will continue to use them as our website needs change over the years.
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